Strategy goal

Strategy goal

1、Strategic Position

 SII has established itself as an investment company focusing on ICT and related industries. In the future, SII will drive forward new round of investment layout according to the National and Shanghai Municipal 12nd Twelfth five-year plans and the Smart Shanghai blueprint Shanghai Smart City Construction Plan by fully utilizing means of capitalistic investment, strive to play a major role in the construction of Shanghai Smart city, and try to be the main implementer of the Shanghai “Smart City” infrastructure, the leading investor in the new generation of ICT industries, the driver of the construction of key applications, and the influential think tank for the Shanghai Municipal Government.

Business layout

During China’s twelfth five-year plan, with the already-present business layout of “two networks and four platforms” (i.e. cable TV network, Shanghai information pipeline network, digital home service platform, modern logistics information service platform, financial information service platform, and IDC service platform) as its basis, SII will expand and strengthen the company’s core position within ICT industry chains by emphasizing the construction of the “Smart City” of Shanghai, and by following the company’s strategic guidelines.

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