Investment Areas

Shanghai Information Investment Inc. (SII) is an investment company directly under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Shanghai Municipal Government specializing in asset management and investment in the field of information technology. SII has several investment platforms including SII headquarters, Shanghai Taili Industry Investment Management Co., Ltd., SII International Venture Capital (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., SII Global Inc., etc. Investment business mainly focuses in the three areas of strategic core assets operation, asset management (minority equity investment), and specialized technology service (responsible for governmental turnkey construction projects).

In the area of strategic core assets operation, SII actively undertakes investment, construction, and operation of large informatization projects, having created a comprehensive information industrial value chain: in the field of information technology, SII has constructed and operated Modern Advanced Ultra Precision Manufacturing Center (MAUPMC) as well as technological R&D and industry platform of Next Generation Broadcasting (NGB) Television Network; in the field of information infrastructure, SII has constructed and operated the largest cable television network in the world and a NGB demonstration network with a user base numbering 3 million as well as intensive information pipeline network and urban public optical fiber network covering the entire city; in the field of functional facilities, SII has constructed and operated the leading digital (electronic) certificate authority in China, national customs tax payment platform, Shanghai electronic billing public service platform, digital television payment platform, and has undertaken construction of several cloud computation centers for data backup business of State ministries; in the field of major applications of informatization, SII has constructed and operated the largest regional e-port in the nation as well as a smart family business based on the NGB Network. The aforementioned businesses dramatically increased Shanghai’s informatization capability, effectively encouraged the development of e-government and e-commerce, and significantly drove the construction of social livelihood, allowing SII to become the key player in establishing Shanghai as an international financial center, an international shipping center, a smart city, and a modernized international metropolis.

In the area of asset management, SII actively participates in its partners’ investment activities by relying on its resource advantage in technology, management, and capital accumulated from the investment area of strategic core asset, by using its good reputation accumulated through time, and by adhering to the philosophy of win-win cooperation. In terms of project selection, SII values the liquidity of its investments, aims to combine short term and mid-term investments, and strives to secure better financial returns. As of 2011, SII has already completed 28 financial investment projects, in which 17 were withdrawn, and 11 are ongoing.

In the field of specialized technology service, Shanghai SII Construction Co., Ltd.(SII Construction), a direct subsidiary of SII, is responsible for turnkey construction and management of informatization projects invested by the Shanghai Municipal Government. SII Construction possesses a number of national engineering qualification as well as strong ability in project consulting, project management, project supervision, and project construction, and has successively implemented several large scale Municipal Government financial investment projects including the Shanghai Super Computing Center, the Shanghai E-government Disaster Backup Center, and the Shanghai Residence Permit Information System. SII Construction has been awarded with the Shanghai Magnolia Excellence of Quality Engineering Award and the Shanghai Municipal Engineering Consulting Award, among many other awards.

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